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How digital signage can be your personal trainer

How digital signage can be your personal trainer

Publish: 2019-11-08 17:38:07 Update: 2021-03-05 18:04:50 View: 405

With the improvement of people's material life, everyone began to pursue spiritual satisfaction. Fitness, reading, watching movies, and karaoke have become fashionable pursuits of the younger generation. Digital signage products have also played a very important role in these areas, providing consumers with a better experience. Here, the editor mainly discusses the relationship between fitness and digital signage.

       If someone asks: For office workers, what do they want most (except money)? That is undoubtedly their greatest wish to obtain a good body. However, as the pace of life accelerates, many people now live a two-point and one-line lifestyle. In their spare time, in addition to watching movies, reading, etc., many people also choose to exercise. So the problem is that for people who have never been in touch with fitness equipment, they don't understand how to use gym equipment at all? How to exercise to achieve the desired effect?

       When many people are faced with these problems, the first thing they think of is to find a personal trainer to coach themselves alone. This is why the annual card of many gyms is very cheap. Whenever you decide to apply for the annual card of a certain gym, Indispensable is to face the promotion of various fitness coaches. Because of this, many people are afraid of being disturbed by various fitness coaches every day, so they simply don't want to go to the gym.

 So is there any way for consumers to not only go to the gym to exercise, but also to know how to use various equipment and how to exercise effectively, without worrying about being disturbed by major fitness coaches? To solve this problem, of course, our digital signage products are indispensable!

       Through some recognition and sensing functions, combined with the consumer's own input of some data, digital signage products can perform a preliminary "physical examination" on consumers, and then purposefully recommend courses suitable for them to exercise. This way often can Directly hit the pain points of consumers, so as to achieve better results. Secondly, with digital signage products, consumers no longer need to guard dumbbells and treadmills because other equipment will not be used during fitness. The gym can install a digital signage display in front of each device, which can be Save some instructional videos so that consumers don’t have to worry about applying for a new year card but don’t know how to use gym equipment. The most important thing is that if a consumer goes to the gym for a long time to exercise, through digital signage products, some consumers' exercise data can be statistically analyzed, so as to provide the best fitness plan, it is almost like a customized "personal trainer", and It is better to know you than a real coach. If you have a fitness coach coming to you in the future, you can rest assured and boldly say "no need"

It has to be said that after the popularization of digital signage products, it is subtly affecting our lives and creating a better experience for us.

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